Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from my maternity photo shoot.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Does This Belly Make Me Look Fat?

I think it’s really funny how just because a woman is pregnant, people think that gives them free reign to talk about their weight. Really? You think I’ve gained weight? Maybe that’s because I have a growing baby in my uterus! Do you think I have never looked down and seen my pregnant belly? I am aware that I am heavier than I was nine months ago. I am reminded of that every time I look in the mirror, step on a scale at my weekly doctor’s appointment, try to stand up from lying down or seated position, and by my constant aching back.

Just today, I was in the garage at my apartment building when I came across one of the tenants. He asked me how much longer I had to go, and I replied by saying that I have only three weeks left. Then he responded, “But you’re not even fat. I mean your legs and arms aren’t fat.” I took a deep breath, smiled, and said, “You’re right, I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!” hoping he could sense the sarcasm in my voice.

Or I can talk about the predictable joke by a certain someone (you know who you are). Every time I see this person they remark, “Oh, have you gained weight since the last time I saw you?” or “wow, did you eat a big lunch?” Hey, guess what Mr. Joke-teller? That’s not funny!!! It wasn’t funny the first time you said it five months ago, and it’s not funny now.

But the rudest comment I have received was from a tenant’s boyfriend. Unfortunately we were both in the elevator, so I couldn’t run away screaming. He says to me, “Damn, are you having triplets?” Seriously? Did someone just say that to me? Am I in a parallel universe? I respond by smiling (again) and saying, “no, just one boy in here.” As if that was not rude enough, he continues to say, “Well then, it’s going to be a twelve pound baby.” Really!?! I wanted to scream, “Excuse me; you have a belly and no excuse of a baby! I hate you; you are the rudest person I’ve ever met! And you’re ugly too!” But instead I just walked away amazed at what I had just heard.

Basically, when I ask the opinion of the only person who I care what she thinks about my weight gain (my doctor) and she says that I have done an excellent job and that she wishes all her patients could limit their weight gain to what I have, I know I am not the only one experiencing these rude comments. I am amazed at what my body has done in the last nine months, I am proud to have this body that allows me to carry and nurture my baby. I think I look great and am so happy how my body has reacted to pregnancy. That being said, I still do not want to hear your annoying analysis about my body. So, for anyone out there who is tempted to make a comment or joke about a pregnant woman’s increasing weight; just don’t do it! It was not okay to comment about a woman’s weight before she got pregnant, and it’s not okay now that she is.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bring on the Burps!

I got so many wonderful things from such generous friends and family, but in the end, the only thing I realized I hadn't gotten any of were burp cloths!  In an ideal world, my child would not need them because there is no way he would ever spit up.  And that probably will be the case (wink* wink*), but I thought I'd better have some, for those just in case moments. 
So as I was strolling down the aisles of babies r us, I noticed that most of the burp cloths they sell are not much thicker than a heavy t-shirt.  Then I remembered two of my sisters receiving gifts from their friends of burp cloths made out of cloth diapers.  (It seems logical to me since those diapers need to be pretty absorbent).  So I thought to myself, "I'll just make some for myself and have the most stylish baby and driest shoulder in town".  All I did was cover the two middle seems of the diaper with cute ribbon/fabric and made a cloth border at the top and bottom of each.  Also, the key is to buy the thicker of the two different kinds of cloth diapers that they sell.  Here they are:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Shower- Round Two!

   Last weekend, my friend Heather threw me another amazing shower for all the friends we have out in the South Bay/ Long beach areas.  Heather really out did herself.  She had everything planned and decorated to the T.  She really thought of every detail. 
   It was a co-ed shower, so Jude was able to enjoy it this time around.  All of our friends came out and made our day really special.  Even Todd (one of Jude's bestfriends growing up) was able to make it.  Todd and his family live in San Diego so we don't get to see them very often.  So, it was a big surprize to see him and his wife at the shower!  We felt so blessed that day to have such amazing friends who enrich our lives.  Thanks for making our day great everyone!
Heather determining the winner of the "Guess the Size of Lindsey's Belly" game.

Jamie, Me, and Stephanie

Summer and I

The Proud Parents :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cradle Bedding

I finished making the bedding for our baby boy's cradle.  The other day, my mom and I went to Jo Ann's fabrics.  I am so glad I went there instead of going shopping downtown, because there were way too many cute fabrics to choose from just at Jo Ann's alone!  After what seemed like hours of deliberating, I chose a very cute and sweet fabric.  Then my mom walked me through the steps of how to make it.  I could not wait to start the little project, and two days later, it was done!  At least we know he will have a place to sleep when he comes home from the hospital!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Third Trimester Already!!!

I am finally in the homestretch of this pregnancy!  Today I am 28 weeks along, and technically in my third trimester.  (Some of the things I read say I was in my third trimester before this week, so I don't know when it really starts).  All I know is that I have only 12 weeks left until my due date and I can't wait to meet our little guy!  I can't believe I will be a mom so soon!  Hopefully this trimester will be as easy as the other two...

Definitely Growing!!!

Baby Shower!

  On Saturday, February 6th, my sister Jamie threw me a baby shower at my mom's house.  It was such an amazing day, and I felt so loved and blessed. 
  One of the highlights was meeting my nephew, Eli, for the first time.  I found out about a week before the shower that my sister Alyssa was going to be able to fly into town from Texas to make it.  It was so nice to see her and her adorable baby boy.  Seeing her made me realize how much I miss her and her cute little family.  I can't wait for my baby to come so he can play with all his cousins!  It was awesome to have all of my family in town, even if it was only for the day. 
  It was also really nice that Jude's parents were able to fly in too!  We picked them up from the airport on Friday afternoon and dropped them back off on Sunday morning.  We were able to show them a little around our new stomping grounds.  We were able to go to the La Brea Tar Pits and some fun restaurants.  Even though it didn't feel long enough, it was so nice to be able to spend the weekend with them. 
  And to make matters even more exciting, my Aunt Giselle came in from Vegas to be there!  She totally surprised me and I was shocked!  I really felt like I couldn't spend enough time with everyone, but I felt so special and had one of the best days of my life!  It was so nice to be surrounded by loved ones who support Jude and I in this most exciting part of our lives.
  Here of some pictures of the shower.  If anyone has any, please share with me.  I didn't take enough.  My mom made the most amazing food and had her house decorated so cute for my little boy's party.  She always does such a great job.  Hopefully I can be like her one day.  :)  Jamie had some fun games to play as well.  We were all cracking up by the middle of the activities.

Jamie, Andrew and Mom
Jude and I before the shower started
Amber, me and Christy
Playing games!  Heather, Lora and Maren
Baby Eli.  Just look at that smile!